José Pablo Peñaloza Cobos

Game developer student

I am passionate about game development and enjoy working on projects that have interesting narratives. I am a problem solver and love working on projects that require me to think outside the box.

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Who am I


Born in 1999, Mexico City

I am a creative game developer and student. I am also passionate about making games. I always look for new and innovative ways to improve my skills, and I am always willing to learn new things.

Work Experience

Sindri Studios, Entrepreneurship

JUN. 2020 - Present.

Saaskun Studios, Internship

MAY. 2020 - JAN. 2021

IA invetigation intern, Universidad Panamericana

FEB. 2020 - JAN. 2021


  • Unity | Intermidiate
  • Unreal | Intermidiate
  • Maya | Intermidiate
  • Photoshop | Intermidiate
  • Illustrator| Intermidiate

Programming languages

  • C# | Intermidiate
  • C++ | Intermidiate
  • Python | Intermidiate
  • Java Script | Basic


Engineering in Animation and video games

Universidad Panamericana | AUG. 2018 - Present

Engineering in technologies of information and intelligent systems

Universidad Panamericana | AUG. 2018 - Present

International exchange

U-TAD | SEPT. 2021 - JAN 2022


  • English | Advanced - TOEFL 627 pt.
  • Spanish |Native

Guns in the Sky

Guns in the Sky is a game where a squadron of fighters is tasked with escorting a bomber run through enemy territory. You will need to use your skills and tactics to keep the bombers safe while fending off enemy fighters. Be sure to stay close to the bombers, as they will be vulnerable without your protection.

Music Beat

It allows you to create effects that change based on the music playing in your game. It is an audio plugin that can be used to create visualizations of music. It can be used to create visualizations of live music, or to create visualizations of recorded music. For example, you could make a visualizer that responds to the rhythm of the music, or a particle system that emits more particles when the music gets louder. You can use Music Beat to create all sorts of audio-reactive effects, and it is a great way to add more life to your games.


This asset provides you with a tool to create infinite moving backgrounds. By using this tool, you can create backgrounds that scroll endlessly, giving your game an immersive and realistic feel. The tool also allows you to customize the speed and direction of the scrolling, as well as the size and shape of the background.


This game will help you learn the musical notes by playing a simple game. You will need to identify the note that is being played, and then select the corresponding key on the screen. If you get the answer correct, you will earn points. The game has multiple levels of difficulty and music scales.

Unreal IA

This is a simple Unreal Engine 4 project that uses behaviour trees to control multiple enemies. The project contains a basic enemy AI that uses behaviour trees to patrol around a simple map. The AI will chase and attack the player if they are within range.

Factorio game mechanic proposal

If you have ever played the game Factorio, you know that it can be quite difficult to keep track of your production lines. There are a lot of different recipes and products, and it can be easy to lose track of what you need to produce. This proposal is for a game mechanic that would allow you to monitor the production of an area in the map.

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